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Father Vladimir and Matushka, 1996

Leckos 1996

‘This Holy Man’ – Impressions of Metropolitan Anthony by Gillian Crow

from ‘ This Holy Man ‘ – Impressions of Metropolitan Anthony by Gillian Crow

“In 1973 Metropolitan Anthony ordained Basil Osborne as priest at the request of the Oxford parish where he had spent four years as a deacon, gaining the respect and trust of the community.  This was the normal way clergy were chosen in the diocese. When the need arose for a priest the parish concerned would identify a candidate from within the congregation whom people felt would make a good pastor and confessor. Metropolitan Anthony would then make a judgement. Men who presented themselves to the Metropolitan in isolation, asking for ordination because they imagined they had a vocation, were generally given short shrift.”

Crestwood, New York: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2005

p. 147-148


Those who read my “Simplex Priests Now!” may understand from this subsequent posting what my intentions are for the prototype of Dr. McGillicuddy.