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Integration of Personalism and Thomistic Metaphysics by Richard A. Spinello

Integration of Personalism and Thomistic Metaphysics


Karol Wojtyła was a dedicated Thomist, but, unlike his famous teacher at the Angelicum, Père Garrigou-LaGrange, he was not a Thomist of the “strict observance.” He did not believe that Aquinas’s philosophy always provided comprehensive answers to philosophical questions. Nor did Thomism represent the exclusive way to explore the intricacies of divine Revelation. On the contrary, Wojtyła readily realized some of the shortcomings of Aquinas’s metaphysical thought, which did not and perhaps could not give enough attention to human subjectivity. In addition, Aquinas devoted little attention to the human person. Since antipersonalist perspectives were not a major problem in the thirteenth century, this void was not problematic for Aquinas’s broad theological vision. But such was not the case in the twentieth century where these philosophies have exerted a disproportionate influence on the contemporary philosophical scene.

Richard A. Spinello

The Enduring Relevance of Karol Wojtyła’s Philosophy

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