James F. Hitchcock on the Death of Saint Augustine

“Augustine wrote The City of God primarily to refute the pagan claim that the sack of Rome by the Visigoths in 410 was due to the wrath of the gods against the impious Christians; it was, he asserted, due to Rome’s own sins. But as he lay dying in 430, Hippo itself was under siege by a people so terrible that their very name  became a synonym for destructiveness—the Vandals. Justinian would later briefly reconquer North Africa, but the golden age of the Fathers, the most creative period in the entire history of the Church, was over. In the West, a long darkness was descending.”

History of the Catholic Church: From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium
by James F. Hitchcock
Chapter 4, Holy Wisdom, p. 99
Ignatius Press, 2012

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