Father Paul M. Quay on file and on Kindle: “The Q-Source”

TheChristianMeaningOfHumanSexualityProduct Details

The Christian Meaning Of Human Sexuality

by Fr. Paul Quay S.J. (Feb 16, 2011)

From a friend:

Even though… John Paul II’s Theology of Human Love,  called the Theology of the Body,  has such wide circulation, Father Quay’s book adds another facet to  the diamond (using the late  Father Richard Hogan’s terminology)  which is Christ.

Given our culture’s strong push to separate sex from procreation it is important to utilize all good means to counter with an integral vision of the human person,  as Fr. Quay’s book does. JP begins by going back to the beginning in Eden,  but by holding out the integral vision  at the beginning, he unintentionally but actually lays a guilt trip on those who do not correspond now,  while Quay begins by facing humanity as it is,  even in its fallen state, but points out what is still present despite the fall and builds on that.   The goal and the theology are the same, but the approach is different, and more attractive, to many.


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