Quotation from Temple Grandin

“I think Einstein had a lot of autistic traits. He didn’t talk until age three–I have a whole chapter about Einstein in my last book. I think Thomas Jefferson had some Asperger’s traits. Bill Gates has tremendous memory. I remember reading in an article that he memorized the whole Torah as a child. It’s a continuum–there’s just no black and white dividing line between a computer techie and say, as Asperger’s person. They just all blend right together. So if we get rid of the genetics that causes autism, there might be a horrible price to pay. Years ago, a scientist in Massachussetts said if you got rid of all the genes that caused disorders, you’d have only dried up bureaucrats left!”

Dr. Tony Attwood interviews Temple Grandin
 [December 9, 1999]
in The Way I See It 
by Temple Grandin (second ed. 2011), xxxii

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