Four Works of Father Francis L. Filas, S.J. on Saint Joseph

See :


FILAS, FRANCIS L. Joseph and Jesus. A Theological Study of Their Relationship. Milwaukee: Bruce, 1952. xii + 180pp.

FILAS, FRANCIS L. Joseph Most Just. Theological Questions About St. Joseph. Milwaukee: Bruce, 1956. xii + 142pp.

FILAS, FRANCIS L. Joseph: the Man Closest to Jesus. The Complete Life, Theology and Devotional History of St. Joseph. Boston: Daughters of St. Paul, 1962. 678pp.

FILAS, FRANCIS L. St. Joseph After Vatican II. Conciliar Implications Regarding St. Joseph and His Inclusion in the Roman Canon. Staten Island: Society of St. Paul, 1969. 170pp.


3 responses to “Four Works of Father Francis L. Filas, S.J. on Saint Joseph

  1. Father’s Filas’s book, Joseph, the Man Closest to Jesus is a refreshing and brilliant piece of research scholarship. Much of his information on the subject has, as its sources, the sermons, homiles, and writings of early to middle age Catholic Church Early Fathers, Doctors of the Church, Church Fathers, and saints. Also, much of the literature ‘about Saint Joseph’s virtues and holiness, sanctity and love for Jesus and Mary,’ was written in Europe, in nonEnglish languages, which Father Filas translated. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful book. It is important for me to note that in the middle ages, i.e. about 1100 to 1600, many nonChurch approved writings circulated about St. Joseph, i.e. old man, ‘silent,’ — had been married previously, etc. and Father Filas carefully discusses the fiction version of those writings. Oh — Joseph was neither old, not silent in his life with the Holy Family, and most certainly not previously married.

  2. I am so pleased that I came into contact with this book. The study of St Joseph is still a subject that is ongoing Thank you for this website.

  3. i would like to buy Fr. Filas four books on St. Joseph. I’ve been requested by our parish priest to establish the St. Joseph community in our small community in town of Tuy, Batangas, Philippines.

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