ITEST: Institute For Theological Encounter With Science and Technology

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The Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology (ITEST), launched in 1966 and incorporated in 1968, studies the advances in science and technology and their meaning for the Christian understanding of the human being and of creation.

ITEST has a long history and mission as an international, interdisciplinary, interfaith community of Christians concerned with one of the most promising but urgent issues facing the churches and the civil society, namely, the revolutionary advance in scientific and technological capability, particularly as it is directed toward living systems. Religiously, these developments are important relative to human dignity, freedom and bodily integrity. Socially, the technologies and industries developing from advances in the life sciences have the potential of being used to create either a far better society or one in which the human being is perceived as merely an interchangeable part of the social machinery.

ITEST functions with a Board of Directors representing the academic and professional disciplines, among them, science/technology, philosophy, theology, law and education. ITEST has members worldwide – representing 30 countries – as well as members from most areas of the United States. In effect, the Institute’s concern and interest “spans the globe” both geographically and intellectually.

ITEST produces a quarterly Bulletin covering timely and relevant topics in the encounter or meeting with faith and science/technology. ITEST also holds yearly symposia on theology and science/technology — issues which concern the churches and which demand an informed response. Also available for reference is a variety of mediabooks, and award-winning DVD’s and videos. A recent project of ITEST is a pilot program for Kindergarten – 4th Grade consisting of faith/science interface modules produced for our youngest Christians.


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